My main interest is in the toxicology and ecotoxicology of chemical mixtures. Major aims are the development of appropriate modeling approaches, tools and methods for mixture risk assessment.

In that context we are often investigating the joint action of modern pollutants (in a vain attempt to evade the term ”emerging pollutants”), such as pharmaceuticals, biocides and antifoulants, but also pesticides. Although we sometimes work with standard aquatic test species, such as daphnids, algae (e.g. Scenedesmus, Navicula) and bacteria (Pseudomonas, Vibrio), we put a lot of effort into working with microalgal and bacterial biofilm communities, (so-called periphyton). We do that in order to analyze the impact of various (mixtures of) toxicants on a more ecological level. An additional research areas includes the ecotoxicology of man-made metallic nanoparticles.

Work in all these areas has lead to activities in the broader area of chemical risk assessment, where a focus is on the analysis of regulatory approaches and guidelines in view of scientific evidence: does it fit, is it contradictory (and why), where is room for improvement?

Obviously, this work is only possible when teaming up with other senior scientists from the University, with PostDocs, PhD students, MSc students – and a whole bunch of external collaborators. Thanks to everybody – it’s been, and still is, a lot of fun!


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