Thomas Backhaus

Professor for Ecotoxicology

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
University of Gothenburg
Carl Skottbergs Gata 22b
40530 Göteborg

Tel.: +46-(0)31-786 2734
email: _thomas.backhaus@gu.se


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2011: Professor, University of Gothenburg
2009: Universitetslektor, University of Gothenburg
2009-2012 Programme Director of the Swedish Marine Paint Programme
2008: Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg
2005-2008 Assistant Professor, University of Gothenburg
2000-2005 Lecturer and Research Associate at the Institute for Cellbiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Bremen
2002: Founding of Faust and Backhaus, Environmental Consulting
1999-2000 PostDoc, University of Bremen
1999: Finalisation of PhD-Thesis, magna cum laude
1994-1999 PhD student at the University of Bremen
1994 Diploma in Biology (ecotoxicology, cell- and molecular biology), with degree magna cum laude (very good)
1988-1994 Study of Biology at Bremen University with emphasis on cell- and molecular biology and ecotoxicology
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