Random discoveries: The Vega Science Trust

That website is going to cost me a couple of hours (days?): http://www.vega.org.uk/. A huge collection of high quality video streams about a range of scientific subjects, from current issues such as nanotechnology, climate change to interviews with Nobel laureates and young scientists. Not to forget the reflections on science or the next big thing.

The ”Vega Science Trust” who is running the show(s) has been founded by Sir Harry Kroto, who is Professor for Chemistry at Florida State University and received the Nobel Prize in 1996 for his work on buckyballs. Hence the site has a bit of a bias towards chemistry issues – but some areas also have a very broad content. The only (small) downer: why the heck do they have to put all videos online in realtime format only? And do they really need to try to disable my right mouse button on the site?

Anyway, technicalities aside: the site is truly a scientific treasure chest – absolutely marvelous. This is certainly not to say that I would agree with everything that is broadcasted, for example there are quite some statements and attitudes in the reality of risks discussion that I definitely would object. The precautionary principle as the “antithesis to science” (23.30 mins and onwards)? C’mon!

But the videos certainly provide food for thought. Talk about Open Science…

Happy watching!